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When this booklet was first printed in 1996 there seemed to be some hope that the republican form of government foreseen by our founding fathers could be salvaged in these united States of America. Since then it has become apparent that the ones who could have stayed the demise of this republic have not come forward to voluntarily assume their positions of leadership by vote or service.

In the past few years, decisions have been made by state legislatures and congressmen that have effectively put the people of GOD, offspring of Y'hv(w)'h, into a form of slavery heretofore unheard of. Corporations have all but completed their merge with governments, and the People have voluntarily contracted themselves, and the land they are to steward, to be "resources" - disposable commodities - that are kept or sold based on the profits, services or pleasures they provide to their contractual masters.

If You, the reader, choose to live your life as a resource for a corporate government established by man without Your active participation in its decision making process, you are free to do so. If however, You decide that the security of enslavement is not for You and Your descendants, you have the common law right and the GOD ordained duty to put the corporate government on notice and remind them who You are and that they can do nothing without Your consent.

Notices are: Written, witnessed, posted or published, and recorded. Here is a sample of a notice that was published for 6 consecutive weeks in the Fulton County Daily Report, Fulton County, Georgia; the county's legal instrument. The first publication was August 25, 1998; the last publication was September 29, 1998.


I, (FIRST MIDDLE; LAST NAME) born in the United States of diplomatic representatives by hereditary succession of the Kingdom of Heaven, claim the property, rights, privileges and immunities granted to me and my heirs by hereditary succession by Our Father, Y'hw(v)'h, the Creator and sovereign ruler of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. Let it be known that I and my heirs in succession claim sovereign immunity for debts and penalties incurred and imposed by execution of any adhesion or unconscionable instrument, contract or deed enacted by any entity, government or corporation.

(See Barron's Law Dictionary, 1996, (ISBN 0-8120-3380-9) for the definition of all words and phrases used in this notice. See "citizen" for definition of "diplomatic representatives".)

Since your signature (as opposed to handwriting) certifies your agreement, you may wish to add your fingerprint to the document.


By: Niki Hannevig

Did you know that geneticists and embryologists have found that cells are essentially pre-programmed by their DNA? And with the help of the various RNA, individual cells destined to be muscle, for instance, will have an affinity to other cells that are destined to be muscle. The same holds true for bone cells, ligament cells, etc.

Twin studies seem to indicate that what goes on at a cellular level may be analogous to us humans. For instance it is well known that twins who were separated at an early age and raised apart by different sets of parents seem to have similar preferences for hairstyle, fashion and occupations. Do you remember the following gems of wisdom from the ancients?

"An apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

"He's a chip off the old block"

"Like father, like son"

"Like mother, like daughter"

"It runs in the family"

"It's his/her royal blood"

Curiously this phenomenon was studied and documented in a 1977 longitudinal study of working class London, England youth. In this study the researchers, West and Farrington, found that:

"... less than 5% of all families were responsible for 48% of the criminal convictions of all family members". (Youth at High Risk for Substance Abuse, Department of Health and Human Services Publication #(ADM) 87-1537, 1987, p. 89)

As you continue to read you are encouraged to keep the following "rules" in mind. According to L. A. Baker and R. Clark in their 1990 article, Genetic Origins of Behavior: Implications for Counselors, in the Journal of Counseling and Development, volume 68, pg. 597-600:

# Heritability describes the relative importance of genetic differences among a group of individuals, rather than any one person.

# Environmental refers to all effects that are not inherited and thus could encompass both our individual experiences as well as biological factors, such as might result from diet, drugs, and physical traumas (Plomin, DeFries, & McClearn, 1990)

# Because Identical Twins share 100% of their genetic makeup any differences between them must be a function of their nonshared environmental influences (Baker & Daniels, 1990)

# Genetic expression can undergo change over a very short time interval such as demonstrated by ingestion of a dose of alcohol (Boomsma, Martin, & Molenaar, 1989).

# Parenting "styles" are much less important than each parent's (or primary caregiver's) behavior toward each child.

# Inherited traits and behaviors are modifiable.

What does genetics mean to us?

Our nation is relatively young. Many of our ancestors lived in societies under oppressive rulers or religious leaders. While in these societies, their natural abilities as ordained by a common CREATOR were stifled. Those who came to America (by choice), came with the hope and expectancy that they would be able to pursue their understanding of "... life, liberty and ... happiness". There was no issue as to the parameters within which this could be done, because the "common law" of the accepted culture of that time was based on GOD (Good Orderly Direction), and the New and Old Testaments of the Bible were their handbooks for life. Unfortunately, as people prospered they relinquished their responsibilities to govern their families into the hands of educators, policemen and politicians. Laws were passed to "Pick up the slack" and little by little the criminal element, whose growth was left unchecked, eroded these newly acquired freedoms by intimidation, criminal practices and doing that which is contrary to GOD. An example of one of the laws of GOD that was abdicated to influences outside the family can be found in Deut. 21:18-23 (N.A.S.):

"If any man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father or his mother, and when they chastise him, he will not even listen to them, then his father and mother shall seize him, and bring him out to the elders of his city at the gateway of his home town and they shall say to the elders of his city, 'This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey us, he is a glutton and a drunkard.' Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death; so you shall remove the evil from your midst, and all Israel shall hear and fear."

Unions (guilds) and political parties became a breeding place for this unchecked element in our society. They infiltrated the "slap 'em on the back good old boys" who gathered in the local Pubs, Taverns, Bar-rooms and Beer Gardens. While there in the midst of the expectant immigrants, this criminal element fed off the grief, guilt and loneliness associated with their relocation and their leaving behind aging family members and supportive friends. The immigrants who had a predisposition for addictions further complicated their normal anxieties and process of assimilation by falling prey to the criminal element who often took advantage of the immigrants' poor language skills and set them up in compromising situations in order to tarnish their reputations. Some were coerced or blackmailed to keep them in the subservient, oppressive political and religious conditions that they came to this country to escape. Some voluntarily brought shame and oppression on themselves and their families by trying to "save face" after their "set-up" or grandiose bragging (lies) about their old country heritage while having "one too many" at the local gathering place.

In order to maintain their sense of dignity - the intimidated, blackmailed, shamed, guilt and grief-stricken immigrants, settled for less than they had hoped for. Many families dropped the painful "feeling" words from their newly learned English vocabulary and focused on survival with the attitude - "If I can't beat them - I'll join them!". Some of them drank their way into early graves or turned to oppressive churches whose leaders gladly meted out the penance they felt they deserved.

Soon the "good old boys" (by choice or chance) set themselves up as community leaders. This afforded them "job security" and a means by which to extort money and services from the local community. As these families propagated, it became necessary for them to expand their power base and secure their foot-hold. Schools and social programs were taken from the community and given to the offspring of the good old boys who were in the process of establishing new cultural norms. Those who were considered "intellectuals" by the newly established "norms" did away with historical biblical teachings. They then compartmentalized education to such an extent that it had no discernible relationship to every day life. Social programs were established in such a way as to foster a master/slave relationship on a second or third generation of grieving, shame filled, guilt-stricken, (and sometimes) addicted people. Spankings became thought of as "child abuse" instead of discipline - and the authority of parents who sought to raise their children in accordance with biblical principles were undermined by proponents of the newly established "norms".

This inter-generation residue of unresolved grief and learned coping skills has placed many of us - second and third generation inhabitants - into the same oppressed status that our forefathers either fought against, or escaped. We free men and women, by birth or choice, must learn to trust and gain strength from the knowledge we glean from genetics and embryology. We must have the belief and courage to discipline and teach our children that within our beings lies a type of spiritual DNA specifically designed to build our personal lives and this country into the type of nation foreseen by the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the designers of our Constitution. They understood what the term "Manifest Destiny" was to mean to this generation.

Take your Bible, a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, a calculator, and a few minutes to do some simple computations.

In the book of Acts, Chapter 2 verse 41 (Acts 2:41), it states that "about 3,000 souls were added" by baptism to the (plus or minus) 120 disciples (Acts1:15) on the Day of Pentecost (Acts2:1), about 30 AD. Consider the impact of this phenomenon on the people of that day, especially after the significant events that took place during the preceding 4 or more years by those men called Yochanan (John) and Yahshua (Jesus). During that time THOUSANDS of people saw them and heard them teach. Some tasted the water that was turned to wine, saw trees wither, storms stopped, people healed of various physical and mental illnesses, demons dispossessed, and persons who were dead returned to life. In addition, Yahshua, Himself, ate, drank and conversed with at least 500 people (ICor 15:6) for 40 days following the 3rd day after His death.

Now, take your calculator and conservatively enter the number 3120 for the number of persons who were directly affected by the happenings in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost circa 30 AD (That's 3,000 for the persons baptized, and 120 for the disciples.) Divide that number by 2 to satisfy the skeptics who argue that a percentage were already married to each other or would not have children because of their age or other reasons. Now take that figure (1,560) and multiply it by a conservative estimate that each of those persons who did have children had (at least) 5 children. Also, to control for skepticism, lets assume that each generation is 40 years - instead of the usual 20 - and that each child of each 40 year generation, had (at least) 5 additional children. In one generation there would have been 7,800 persons who had heard the stories about the "pouring out" and "receiving" (impregnation) of the spiritual energy (Holy Spirit) on the Day of Pentecost circa 30 AD directly from at least one of their parents who was an eyewitness to the aforementioned events. In the second generation there would have been 39,000 who would have heard the stories from at least one of their grandparents. (At this point you can subtract the 7,800 people of the first generation who had probably died.) Consider now that by the 3rd generation (a mere 80-120 years) there were still eye witnesses alive, and 195,000 offspring from the original 3,120 eyewitnesses. By the 4th generation there were 975,000. By the 5th, 4,875,000. By the 6th, 24,375,000, and by the 7th, I get that little "E" symbol on my calculator, and I am only between 308 and 314AD. Also consider that this special Spirit has been passed on by touch - by the laying on of hands (read for yourself in Acts 8:18) and is not for sale. Answer the following questions:

# How many direct descendants of first century Jerusalemites do you think are on the earth today after 49 generations?

# Where are the descendants of those people today?

# How many of those people dispersed to Europe?

# How many of those people dispersed to Asia?

# How many eventually migrated to the United States of America?

# How many dispersed to Africa and were later brought to America in slave ships?

# How many African-Americans repeated the pattern of the European immigrants when they moved from the plantations to the cities?

# How should the descendants of those individuals directly affected by the happenings in Jerusalem during that most unusual event on Pentecost circa 30 AD be living their lives today?

# What were the precepts of life that were taught through scriptures that were known to those early generations and to our founding fathers?

Toss a Rock into a body of water. Watch the ripples go on, and on, and ... on. Breathe out a breath of air on a cool morning. Watch the moisture from your mouth disperse through the atmosphere. Where does it go? Where do the particles of water in the ripples go? When do the atoms which make up the molecules in those drops of water cease to be? The obvious answer is that the atoms which make up the molecules of water never cease to be in motion. The water may freeze and turn to a solid or evaporate and become a gas but it never ceases to be the elements of water.

Consider today that there are, once again, by conservative estimate, billions of people who are direct descendants of the early disciples or the brothers and sister of Yahshua. Add to that (conservative) estimates of the descendants of Abraham - "in whose seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed" (Gen. 22:18) - particularly the descendants of each of the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel). You can start your multiplying with them from approximately 1752 BC using the same estimates as before. Also notice as you do this that the people we recognize as the Jews - from the historical nation of Judah - may comprise less than 1/2 of the descendants of Jacob (Israel). Read in a Bible how that came about after the death of King Solomon in 1Kings chapter 12. We pretty well know where the Jews are today, for to them was given "the oracles of GOD", Rom 3:1-2. They continue to keep the Sabbath and Festivals outlined by GOD through Moses in Leviticus 23*. But where are the descendants of the majority of Judah's siblings who, one would assume, propagated at a similar rate?

Ask yourself:

Could I be a descendant of Abraham from whom all of the families of earth are blessed?

Could I be a descendant of one of the apostles, or Mary, the mother of Yahshua?

If you think that's possible, look into Your family history. It's in the Bible. The apostles and the majority of first century "Christians" were Israelites. Paul, for example, was of the tribe of Benjamin. According to Judges 19:22 Benjaminite men seemed to have a problem with homosexuality. If you think you may have descended from Benjamin, you may want to read Judges 19 and consider the consequences of the Benjaminite's behavior. Also ask yourself:

Could Paul's II Cor. 12:7 "thorn in the flesh" have been his lust for other men?

Let's learn from the accomplishments, as well as the mistakes of our ancestors.

Let us truly make an effort to understand the social and economic "iniquities" that were brought on us by our fathers, see Deut. 5:9-10. It was our parents and grandparents who allowed this government to disregard biblical principles and deify people, drugs and the Federal Reserve fiat monetary system. Let us make a conscious choice to undo the damage done by them for our future generations. Let's take the time to contemplate the problems in our nation and:

# Be proactive in seeking the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness (Mat. 6:33).

# Return local governments to a system of honest elections with recountable paper ballots.

# Run for local and national offices. Learn about the real issues and position yourself like Esther.

# Choose local and national leaders who want to do what is right for their descendants and who will base their decisions on GOD - Good Orderly Direction - and the Constitution which our concerned forefathers authored with this generation in mind.

# Look into the Spiritual structuring of the government of Messiah and do your part to bring it about in your community.

# Consider the possibility that this nation was envisioned by our founding fathers to be that nation that brings forth ever ruling leadership through the people of GOD, by ruling in the Spirit of the TRIUMPHANT, Ever Living, Messiah.

After reading this booklet, if you speculate that even a speck of Abraham's DNA lives in You it is Your duty to make Yourself known as a leader in your community.

Consider that the final stages of maturation of a fetus continues to take place in its central nervous system. That system, in Messiah, is reaching completion by the process of a mass network of communication via radio, TV, telephone, computers and one-on-one conversation. Learn to use these devices effectively. Let's face the issues head on and behave like who and what We are - the legitimate heirs - the children of promise - the ones who have been touched by the hands of our ancestors and impregnated with an empowering, triumphant Spirit of righteousness. Let's bring forth leadership, both individually and collectively, as a unified, fully developed governing body with the Spiritual Energy of Messiah. Let's treat one another with respect and facilitate each others progress to become the Kings and Priests that We were born to be (See Revelation 1:5). This is America's "manifest destiny". This is our destiny, manifested.

So be it.

* The first day of the Creator's year appears to begin with the new moon (new month) closest to the spring equinox, Jerusalem time. Since the Bible measures a day from sunset to sunset, the day of the new moon would be the first day of a new month. The Jewish holy days shown on standard calendars are sometimes incorrect because of Rabbinical postponements.


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